About Us

Since 1982, B&M Seafoods Ltd has been supplying fresh fish, seafood and a large range of other products to the catering industry. In 2002 we moved to brand new, purpose built premises on the Mid Suffolk Business Park in Eye, Suffolk, and have continued to provide quality produce to the catering industry in the East Anglia region.

Our sister company, Langtons, manufactures a range of high quality, individual desserts which are ready to cook and serve. View the Langtons website for more information.

Sustainability Policy

Threats facing the marine resource have become increasingly apparent in recent years, and the most significant is, quite simply, from us. We are now fishing more from the sea than it is able to generate and around the world fish stocks are in decline. As a result a number of measures to protect and ensure the future commercial viability of fish stocks have been introduced, on an international, national, regional and voluntary scale.

Our Approach to Sustainability

B&M Seafoods Ltd maintain continual awareness of the measures in place to ensure the continued sustainability of all fish stocks. We are committed to the following policies to contribute to the sustainability of the fish and shellfish we supply:

  • We source only healthy, adult fish stocks.
  • Where possible, and if considered suitable by our own assessment, we source MSC certified species.
  • We source species targeted using non-destructive methods.
  • We avoid species caught through harmful or irresponsible fishing practices.
  • We promote and sell local and seasonal produce.
  • We avoid species during sensitive periods – i.e. spawning times.
  • We are actively involved in the monitoring and conservation of pressure stocks and endangered species.
  • We source farmed fish from small scale responsible farmers wherever possible.
  • We promote sustainable alternatives.
  • We support local fishermen’s associations and cooperatives.
  • We subscribe to the Seafish Responsible Fishing Methods Scheme and monitor the fishing methods used in our supply chain.

B&M Seafoods Ltd participate fully in the development of future practices which will further enable the continued sustainability of fish stocks.